Pipelines are a battlefront of choice for those who feel the need to wage war on an industry that has fuelled every dimension of modern life and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Having received approval this week from the Ontario Energy Board, Enbridge will soon embark on a $28.5-million reinforcement of its Stratford Transmission Pipeline that will increase natural gas capacity in Perth and Huron counties, as well as portions of Lambton and Middlesex counties.

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to make it harder for states to scuttle pipelines and other energy projects based on concerns about their impact on water quality.

Rachel Notley estimated the TransMountain pipeline project will receive federal approval in May, and declared shovels will be in the ground this fall.

It’s quite likely that by year’s end, an Indigenous investor consortium will have acquired majority ownership of the Trans Mountain pipeline, the country’s biggest megaproject.

Indigenous leaders are currently upset claiming that legislation will prevent communities, who are conducting or trying to conduct “responsible oil production” on their territories, from receiving “the full value of our resources.”

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