TransCanada Corp. has terminated its Energy East pipeline. Girling said the decision was expected to cost the company a $1 billion loss due to the investments it has already made on the project.

Calgary company Hifi is hoping to give a big boost to the pipeline industry and now the Province of Alberta has decided to boost Hifi in its efforts.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Brian Gallant says the proposed project is in jeopardy because the National Energy Board has said it would consider indirect greenhouse gas emissions caused by the project.

TransCanada Corp. has hit pause on its Energy East pipeline, throwing the future of the project in doubt. 

Clarity and viability are two key ingredients TransCanada needs to go ahead with its Energy East pipeline application, New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant said Monday.

"The Government of Canada is determined to improve the environmental safety of pipelines for the benefit of all Canadians," said Carr in a press release.

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