A website that supports the Energy East pipeline has a message for Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. “You won’t take oil from Alberta or Saskatchewan? Fine. Then, no more oil-related equalization payments for you.”

The oil crash has been rough on political leaders, but not Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall. If opinion polls prove accurate, the two-term premier and his Saskatchewan Party are sailing toward another solid majority in the April 4 provincial election.

Yarrow resident and business owner Bill Tuytel says he fully supports the Trans Mountain pipeline right-of-way that runs through his property.

Quebec environmental hearings into the Energy East pipeline will begin on March 7, the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement announced Tuesday.

TransCanada announced today it has expanded its 60-year presence in Québec with a larger corporate provincial office located in Montréal, after deciding a new office was needed for Quebec-based employees.

The world is heading towards a more unified global market for natural gas as a fuel for transportation, power and heating – a historical first - but where does Canada currently sit in this market?

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