Just when you thought Canada’s nonsensical world of oil and gas policy couldn’t get any worse, consider this little nugget of lunacy. The federal government is actually funding anti-oil research activists. Yes, your tax dollars at work.

Get ready to pay more at the pump over the next few days. Gas prices have started climbing over $1.30 a litre at stations across Calgary.

Could Jason Kenney be right? Is Canada broken? Or is it still “a great country,” as the prime minister insists?

When it comes to developing Canada’s energy sector, that trite joke seems all too true. The Northern Gateway, Energy East, and Pacific NorthWest LNG pipeline proposals have been scrapped.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is in Ottawa Tuesday for an emergency meeting following news that Kinder Morgan is suspending all non-essential spending on the pipeline until it and its investors feel secure the project won’t fall apart amid strong opposition from the British Columbia government.

When asked if she thinks companies would step up if Kinder Morgan pulls out, Notley reiterated her belief the pipeline will likely be built by the Texas–based proponent.

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