Before you upgrade your next iPhone, you may want to consider a $29 battery instead. Not only will the choice save you money, it could help save the planet.

Contrary to mainstream media reports, numerous First Nation communities have embraced natural resources development in mining, forestry and energy projects to improve their quality of life, according to a report by a Quebec public policy think tank.

"Some people are not ever going to agree," Rachel Notley said last Thursday, from Kamloops, B.C. "I'm not expecting that we're going to get unanimous support for this but what I do think we're going to get, and already have, is majority support from reasonable-thinking people and majority support overall.

The federal regulator said in a statement Friday it ordered Calgary-based Enbridge to limit gas flows at 80 per cent of maximum pipeline pressure levels from the blast site, about 15 kilometres northeast of Prince George, along the entire length of the pipeline up to the B.C.-United States border.

Last week, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality provided key approval on ACP’s environmental protection plans.

Tory MP Pierre Paul-Hus argued during a news conference Monday that it was time to stop being “hypocritical” on the issue of using petroleum and that party leader Andrew Scheer’s idea to sit down again with TransCanada, Energy East’s promoter, is aimed at making Canada self-sufficient on energy.

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