A pro-pipeline convoy with thousands of truckers blared their way through an Alberta town Wednesday with a message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “We don’t need handouts.”

The announcement is expected one day after Calgary’s mayor joined more than 1,000 protesters at a rally outside city hall who were calling on the government for more help getting Alberta’s oil and gas products to market.

Quebecers are widely seen across the country as environmentally conscious, but per capita, they are some of the highest consumers of energy on the planet, according to a report prepared by researchers at Universite de Montreal’s business school.

The comparisons between a new natural gas pipeline proposed for northern Ontario and the ill-fated Energy East project are unavoidable.

With the latest suspension of work on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, it’s time for review: the energy infrastructure sector, specifically natural gas, has created a pathway to middle class jobs for tens of thousands of Americans.

Environmentalists, the National Energy Board, the mayor of Montreal, native protesters and the resurrection of the Keystone XL Pipeline with U.S. President Donald Trump’s backing, all helped kill the Energy East pipeline project back in 2017.

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