The Alberta NDP government, led by Rachel Notley, introduced the Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act in response to the continued and substantial delays in building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX).

Concerns were heightened last week after Kinder Morgan effectively put its Trans Mountain expansion project on hold until it can be assured British Columbia won’t continue trying to block the pipeline.

“We are considering a number of financial options to ensure that the Trans Mountain expansion is built, up to and including purchasing the pipeline outright if it was to come to that,” she said in a statement Tuesday. 

“If the national interest is given over to the extremes on the left or the right, if the voices of the moderate majority of Canadians are forgotten, the reverberations of that will tear at the fabric of Confederation for many, many years to come,” Notley said.

The fate of the Kinder Morgan project — which has become the focal point of a larger Canadian debate over environment protection versus energy development, and federal authority versus local interests — could be decided in the weeks ahead.

A Fraser Institute study using data from government sources, found when the safety of transporting oil and gas by pipelines and rail is compared, taking into consideration the amount of product moved, pipelines are found to be the much safer transportation method.

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