“It is closer to European markets by ship,” said Nova Scotia senator and committee member Terry Mercer. “It would help stabilize tanker traffic in the Bay of Fundy and and it even opens up the possibility of running spur lines to underused refineries in the Halifax-Dartmouth area.”

Expanding pipeline capacity is critical to helping unlock the full value of Canada's resources — and protecting Canadians and the environment.

Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline has been vehemently opposed by many First Nations groups, but voices on the other side of the divide emerged Wednesday to launch a strong defence of the oilpatch.

"One way to potentially interpret this is that the Trudeau government has shown that they're willing to approve projects that will get our resources to market," Brian Gallant said.

"The opportunities that will come to workers as a result of these project approvals will help build Canada's future workforce," noted Patrick Dillon, Business Manager of the Council.

“There are those who are dead-set against pipeline development, but most polls show the majority of Canadians know hydrocarbons are an important part of our economy and they know pipelines are a safe way to transport them.”

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