Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan no doubt breathed a sigh of relief this week. That's because on Wednesday, the B.C. government gave it the OK for its $7-billion pipeline expansion, toppling yet another obstacle to it ramping up the flow of diluted bitumen to the West Coast.

On the day that Fonda created a media stir by coming to Edmonton to say Alberta does not have the “social licence” necessary to build another pipeline to tidewater, B.C Premier Christy Clark announced her government is supporting another Alberta pipeline project to tidewater.

After years of dramatic opposition by some B.C. residents, the pipeline expansion project of a Texas-based energy company, Kinder Morgan, is one step closer to breaking ground in Canada.

The previous Energy East pipeline panel stepped down amidst questions about a potential conflict of interest last year.

"We try to keep it fresh each year and bring in a special topic. This year, we have defensive driving," United Piping Vice President Mel Olson said. 

“That’s an easy one,” Carr said in an interview with Global News, “cultural practices of indigenous peoples should be embedded in the work of the National Energy Board.”...

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