In a heated exchange between Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in question period Wednesday over the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Andrew Scheer brought up the other energy project, Energy East, which was cancelled last year.

Trans Mountain crews kicked off right-of-way clearing work in central Alberta last weekend under general construction contractor Midwest Pipelines, Trans Mountain said on Monday.

Saudi Arabia is some 9,625 kilometres from Quebec, where Saudi oil is imported to Canada. Wouldn’t it be nice if Eastern Canada got its oil from a democratic country with an excellent record on civil rights and environmental protection, like, say, Canada?

The initial Energy East project proposal – a 4,500-kilometre pipeline that would carry 1.1 million barrels a day of Western Canadian crude oil to refineries in Eastern Canada – was stymied by regulatory overkill and tepid political support in Ottawa, Ontario and Quebec.

Scott Armstrong was at Victoria Square in Amherst on Friday to introduce Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer during a meet-and-greet. Many Maritimer’s, including Scott Armstrong’s son, rely upon a vibrant oil and gas industry in western Canada.

“With a project like Energy East we can displace that foreign oil, create jobs here in Canada, and get a step closer to being self-sufficient as a country when it comes to energy,” said Scheer during a meet-and-greet Friday afternoon at Victoria Square in Amherst.

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