Asked if she’d be willing to go to Washington to meet with members of the incoming Donald Trump administration, which has been open to the notion of overturning the U.S. government’s previous opposition to the 1,900-km pipeline that would connect...

The major drivers of this market include need for sustainable use of resources, increased spending by oil and gas companies for infrastructure and network protection, and expansion and up-gradation of refineries.

In a statement Tuesday, the Winnipeg-area cabinet minister said the five-member panel will consult widely with Canadians and produce recommendations on how to reform the energy regulator.

North Bay Fire Chief Grant Love has something to say about working with TransCanada and its proposed Energy East Pipeline Project.

The two-year oil price crash has hurt a Canadian government program that funds research on oil spill cleanups, resulting in fewer applicants than expected, a senior federal official said.

It is getting more crisp and cool in the morning. In Michigan, residents are remembering the location of the thermostat in their homes to take the chill off the morning temperatures.

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