“The major pipeline companies have an open mind about an East Coast pipeline but only if there’s a clear shot at getting it done. They can’t do it with regulatory uncertainty that killed Energy East in 2017.”

Many Indigenous supporters were at the latest energy rally in Calgary to express support for First Nation groups that are proposing to take an equity stake in the planned Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Organizers estimate 4,000 people, many wearing black T-shirts reading “The world needs more Canadian energy,” came for the event which featured a bluegrass band, free hot dogs and admission to the annual Global Petroleum Show trade show.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is on a cross-country tour, stopping in Charlottetown recently with the message that Island taxpayers are paying for the fact that Canadian oil is sold for less than its full value due to a lack of pipeline capacity.

Canada has achieved the impossible in energy economics: Our consumers pay sky-high costs and our energy companies get rock-bottom prices.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers released its federal energy “platform” today, outlining the issues facing the oil-and-gas industry and ways the federal government can create better conditions for growth in the sector.

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